Jamaican deliveries made faster & cheaper

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Akua Walters, 24yo, is Jamaican and he is bored with how online shopping is being handled by ineffective deliveries companies.

So what about the national postal service in Jamaica ?
It exists and you can use it if you don’t want to spend a lot of money and if you don’t care about actually receiving your product (within a reasonable time) !

Any private delivery companies ?
You can still use them if  you don’t mind their fluctuating prices each time you use them and if you’re not in that much of a hurry.

How do people do order deliveries now ?
This delivery-issue is so intense that 2 solutions has been developed :

  • the “help yourself” one which is commonly used for products sent from foreign countries (the logistics services of these companies like Amazon stop their delivery at the customs of Jamaica) : people have to ride at the drop-off point and bring back the product to home.
    This solution is efficient but people spend a lot of time to pick up their parcel.
  • some companies and people use private services or taxis services.
    As taxis services are not logisticians, they don’t know which itinerary  is the best one and they could spend a lot more time than necessary to achieve the deliveries.


ErrandBoy has been created to solve this problem

As a marketing director in a logistics company and as a brother of a transportation’s owner, Akua is proposing a modern solution since the end of 2014. This is running in Beta and has already satisfied more than 50 customers through more than 100 deliveries.


With the solution ErrandBoy,the power of transportation companies is combined with the power of a complete software which provide “ordered itineraries” and tracking of the delivery fleet.

This way, companies can manage their delivery logistics : they can track drivers as in Uber’s app and depending on the delivery area, the software will determine which drivers have to make it regarding to their current location.

Thanks to ErrandBoy, jamaican e-shop will now be able to save money and make people happy  !


About the team

To build this complete solution, Akua is dedicated to bizdev and he is working with Mathieu who is dealing with legal aspects. During this beta phase,, the brother of Akua is helping them with deliveries.

As soon as they’ll have raised money, Ankua and Mathieu will be joined by a couple of developers.


ErrandBoy at the Youth American Business Trust !

Akua’s dynamism has earned him an offer to the next Youth American Business Trust which will stand in Panama on the 6-10th of April during Barack Obama’s visit in Panama.

For ErrandBoy, being able to share the event with the 32 selected startups for a pitch at the event would be priceless because this could let him meet entrepreneurs from Jamaica, Costa-Rica, Chile, Panamá, Trinidad, Venezuela, Perú, Barbados, Bahamas, Brasil, Guatemala, Argentina, St Vincent and Grenadines and Ecuador.

This way, Ankua will be able to finish his side “social entrepreneurship project” which aims to let any entrepreneur from the caribbean know about the public organizations which could help him/her in its entrepreneurial journey.

Moreover, several investors will attend this event and as ErrandBoy is launching its raising operation, the Summit could make things faster.
Let’s stay tuned to know how things happened with ErrandBoy at the summit and the benefits of their presence !


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